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Old Man Winter is a Heating Challenge in 2014


heating-winter.jpgWicked cold temps. Snow storms from coast to coast. Unseasonably cold temps in typically warmer states. This winter seems to have a little something for everyone. With rumors of propane shortages, higher heat bills, ice encased power lines interrupting power supply, thousands of grounded planes and canceled flights, it's all enough to boycott old man winter this year, right?!

Some things are out of our control, and other things present some opportunities to improve our situation. From home energy audits to reduce heating bills to discovering renewable fuel heating appliances to reduce the use of propane, homeowners are looking at what they can do to insure winter doesn't get the upper hand.

Newer, more efficient furnaces can make a big difference, as well as programmable thermostats. Furnace tune-ups and maintenance by a HVAC professional can make a big difference and rectify a problem before its full effects are realized and costly.

Do you have a back-up plan for when the power goes out? Be prepared now so you know exactly what you are going to do when the next blast of artic air or snow storm comes barreling through. Spring will be here before we know it. Let us know if we can help you with a new furnace, furnace parts, new thermostat, and/or renewable energy appliance.

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