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Buy a Thermostat at Surplus Prices


buy-a-new-thermostat-and-save-on-heat.jpgNeed a New Thermostat?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a newer thermostat with more features!

Our inventory of new, surplus thermostats is priced to sell. Did you know that a thermostat can help you reduce heating costs? Turning down your thermostat when you aren’t home or in the evening, even by a couple degrees can translate into substantial savings. Programmable thermostats are increasingly common, as it makes adjusting your heat settings simple and automatic.

It’s said that an inaccurate thermostat can increase your heating bill by almost 7%. Why waste money, when you can avoid these unnecessary heating costs. If you have an efficient furnace, heat pump and/or pellet stove, you don’t want your heat savings to depend on something as simple as a faulty, old and inaccurate thermostat.

Here are some tips for your thermostat!

Shop our online inventory of thermostats now, or call us with any questions you may have.