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The Importance of Proper Furnace Maintenance

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Furnace inspection and proper maintenance

Your furnace is one of the more important features of the home. Without it, getting through the cold of winter would be difficult. Along with keeping you warm and comfortable, the heat from the furnace also helps to reduce the potential for frozen pipes. These two reasons alone are enough to ensure that the system is inspected and maintained properly.

How Often Should the Furnace Be Checked?

While there is no real industry standard, it’s a safe bet that at least one thorough inspection annually is a good idea. Many homeowners choose to call in a technician just before the weather begins to cool in autumn. The idea is to make sure the furnace is ready for full operation during the months that are to come. Didn't get that done? It's not too late. Go ahead and get it scheduled, as any time of year will work as long as your favorite furnace technician isn't over scheduled with emergency repairs.

What is Included in a Routine Furnace Inspection?

During that inspection, you can expect the technician to take a close look at all the moving parts in the furnace. This includes any belts, pulleys or other components that undergo wear and tear during operation. The goal is to determine if all your furnace needs is a good cleaning, or if the time has come to replace some of the key parts.

In order to determine the status of many of those moving parts, the technician will first check for any type of build-up or residue. Once it is cleaned away, it is much easier to ascertain the true condition of those parts. For example, cleaning and tightening a belt will make it much easier to decide if it will last for another season, or if replacing it now is in your best interests.

Even after checking the blower, the motor, and even the connections to the duct system, the technician will want to activate the furnace and listen for any unusual sounds. This will often help to clear up any doubts about the need to make further adjustments.

What Happens If I Delay Furnace Maintenance?

You do have the option of delaying the maintenance. Doing so could increase the risk of a future system failure. By having an inspection done, you minimize the chances of a breakdown.

The proactive cleaning and replacement of worn parts translates into lower energy consumption during the winter. Taking care of repair issues early on also means that you save money by avoiding more expensive repairs during the dead of winter and an emergency call at less opportune times.