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Staying Cool in the Summer Time


How to Stay Cool This Summer

If you are looking for great ways to stay cool this summer, looking no further than your HVAC system! If you keep it well maintained, it will keep you cool, and help you save money in the process.

Making your home more energy efficient will help you big on your electric bill each month. An efficient air conditioning system that operates on less energy is great for the environment, too.

  • One very easy tip is to simply use a ceiling fan in addition to your air conditioning. It costs only pennies to operate a ceiling fan each hour, but it can really cool you off, causing less need for the air conditioner to be on. Remember though, that ceiling fans cool people, not the entire house, so if you are leaving home, it is best to turn off ceiling fans. Why waste the energy, or the money?
  • In fact, to be very energy efficient, always make sure to up the temperature on your HVAC when you leave during the warm months. This will keep the air from running constantly while you are away. It takes only minutes to get the home back to its former cool temperature when you return home, so don't waste your money cooling an empty house. Or, install a programmable thermostat to make sure the temps are always where you want them, even if you are not home!
  • Making sure to seal cooling ducts can save you money, too. Many ducts are energy wasters because they are not properly sealed. You will want to seal them and then wrap them with insulation; this will result in keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter!
  • One great tip that saves both money and your health is to change your HVAC filters every month. If you have filters that are cleanable, do this monthly instead. Changing your filter helps keep your air conditioning running smoothly, saving you money, and it keeps the air quality in your home cleaner, keep your family healthier!
  • And finally, get a tune up! Humans run better when we get our checkups each year, and so does your HVAC system. Make sure everything is a-okay with a checkup of your system. Have an expert come out and do the maintenance check, as he or she may even be able to suggest added ways to improve performance.

Can we help you with HVAC parts, supplies, filters, or a new air conditioning appliance? Give us a call!