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HVAC and Home Spring Checklist


hvac spring list trim trees by air conditioner

HVAC systems rarely get time off. In fact, they are used most of the year, switching from heat to air conditioning and back again. It’s important to do a few “housekeeping” tasks to make sure your home is safe, efficient, and ready for the season.

Here are some checklist items for spring around your house and yard.

  • Change oil filters and order a supply for the summer. This will help in sure your air conditioner is able to run efficiently and the air circulating is as clean as possible. Having supply on hand makes it easier to change out the filter when it is time.
  • Clean out your air ducts and vents. Dusting the vent covers is a great start, and fishing out toys and debris you can reach is another. However, to truly rid your ventilation system of dust and debris, you can hire a professional HVAC duct cleaner. You’ll be amazed what they will clean out.
  • Trim trees and shrubs around the outside unit of your air conditioner, so that it is free and clear. Check for pest and bird nests, fall leaves, and other things that accumulate over a long winter.
  • Schedule an air conditioner check-up. If you get it on the calendar now, hopefully you’ll be all set by the time the hot weather arrives. Everybody has the last minute idea, so calling early may get you in easier and possibly better rates.
  • Dust your floor and ceiling fans before they are put to work. Dust accumulates on these blades, and if you have already changed your filter and cleaned your duct work, you don’t want needless dust to blow around.
  • Clean your humidifier, throw the filter (you want to buy a new one each year to avoid bacteria, etc) and store it. Find the dehumidifier and make sure it is ready to go.
  • Double check your sump pump is plugged in and working. Spring and early summer rain will put it into action, and you don’t want the headache that a sickly sump pump will cause.

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