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Ice Dams a Sign of Escaping Heat


Ice dams sign of heat loss

Have you noticed more than one ice dam around town? With intense sunshine during the day, frigid temperatures at night, and intermittent freezing rain and snow, ice dams can be difficult to ward-off.While we’d love to say that spring is right around the corner, the truth is that we have many weeks of “prime” ice dam weather ahead of us.

Owning a home that isn’t properly insulated can compound the ice dam issue. While there is more at work in the explanation of ice dams ice dams, it essentially boils down to heat escaping through your home, with a melting/re-freezing process. Ice dams can cause damage to your roof, siding, and gutters. They can also result in water damage as the ice melts and makes its way into your ceilings, walls, light fixtures, insulation, wood work, and flooring.

Ice damns can be removed before they cause further damage, and there are many professional service companies who can help. They can gently and professionally remove the ice damn to help you avoid further headaches and expenses down the line.

It is dangerous to climb on the roof without proper knowledge, safety equipment, and tools. Many people are hurt each winter climbing on ladders, standing on roofs, and trying to remove snow and ice.

Attempting to chop ice can do further damage to your roof and siding and is not advised.

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